How to Use the Building Utilization Map

Initial Search Page

  1. From the horizontal menu near the top of the screen, select a Borough, Building Type, Utilization Rate, and School Type
  2. Click "Search"

Search Results Page

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After you have completed your initial search, you can continue to refine results by using the advanced filters on the left side of the page. Selecting the additional filters allows you to modify your search to include, for example, additional boroughs. By default, your initial search choices are pre-selected within the advanced filters. At the bottom of the page, the search summary provides a summary of the data your search has yielded in the map.

Click on the links below to learn more about each part of the search results page.

Location | District | Building Type | Building Utilization Rate
School Type | Search Summary | Building Icons

Location Filter Option
This filter includes options for searching any combination of the five boroughs of New York City.

District Filter Option
This filter includes options for seaching within each of the 33 community school
districts in New York City.

Please note that the borough(s) selected in the Location Filter determine which districts may be chosen. For example, if the “Brooklyn” location filter is selected, your choice of districts is limited to the districts within the borough of Brooklyn.

Building Type Filter Option
This filter shows three types of school facilities.

• “Buildings without Temporary Structures” are school buildings that do not have any additional, temporary buildings associated with them. Within the scope of this report and map, buildings without temporary structures are shown only if they are over capacity.

• “Buildings with Temporary Structures” are school buildings that have temporary structures associated with them. All buildings with temporary structures are shown on this map; regardless of their reported enrollment vs. capacity. This map and report treat the existence of a temporary structure as an indicator of over-enrollment.

"View Temporary Structures" allows you to view each temporary structure associated with a main school building. This option can only be chosen when "Buildings with Temporary Structures" is selected.

Building Utilization Rate Filter Option
This filter allows you to view school overcrowding by the building utilization rates outlined in the Campaign for Fiscal Equity's report,“Maxed Out—New York City School Overcrowding Crisis.”

Please note, the option “under 90%” is only applicable if you have also selected “Buildings with Temporary Structures” in the Building Type Filter.

School Type Filter Option
This filter allows you to search by any combination of the grade-level categories: elementary school, middle school, and high school.

Search Summary
The search summary window compiles your search results and provides a synopsis of the map’s data.

Building Icons
Each building icon can be clicked on to reveal specific information about that school building.
The following information is available for each building type:
• building number
• address
• district number
• building utilization rate
• school type
• building enrollment
• target building capacity
• difference between the building enrollment and capacity (over/under)

In addition, for buildings with temporary structures, the following information is also included:
• the number of temporary structures associated with the building
• the building numbers of each temporary structure and links to their locations

For Temporary Structures:
• the bulding numbers of the main buildings the temporary structures are associated with and a link to their location